Visualization of Complex Networks

VisualComplexity.comVisualComplexity is a resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks.

If you are interested in data visualization, visualization of complex networks and especially beautiful data maps, VisualComplexity is a great resource. It has a list of maps around web with introduction and maps are categorized by subjects like art, business networks, computer systems, Internet, knowledge networks, social networks and others.

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AlexaRadar – Movers And Shakers by Country

AlexaRadarAlexaRadar’s Fast Traffic is an automatically generated listing of websites getting rapid increase of daily reach in a given geographic area.

AlexaRadar is a great way to have a live view and the trends of the web. Visually most interesting part is AlexaRadar’s Worf Map of Innovation. It plots the movers and shakers on the world map by using the Google Maps API and Amazon Web Services API. Map markers show Alexa traffic graph of that site.

Including World of Innovation AlexaRadar offers four different views of traffic:

  • Movers & Shakers by Country – Fastest growing traffic
  • Fast Growth Matrix – 76 Countries x 5 Websites
  • Daily Reach Comparison Chart – Top 5 Websites
  • World Map of Innovation – See where websites grow

Get side-by-side web traffice comparisons. Analyzes 5-year Alexa Traffic Charts to find websites showing steady growth of daily reach, and categorizes them by country and region. Useful. 5 stars out of 5. — ProgrammableWeb

AlexaRadar is developed by Viktors Rotanovs and it started in September 2006.

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