PageAddict Firefox Add-on for Internet Addicted and Statisticians

PageAddict is a Firefox extension, wrote by two neuroscientists, that monitors your Internet browsing and displays a summary of the time you’ve spend time on each web site for the day and shows graph of your web surfing habits history. You can be surprised about results.

PageAddict add-on is actually Greasemonkey script and it stores all the data locally. Here is what site says about privacy:

Details of the web sites that you have visited are stored in your browser and are not sent to any external websites. PageAddict is designed such that external websites cannot access this information and does not use cookies.

If you want to focus your web browsing you can add categories for sites and restrict how much time you spend in each category in a day.

More Firefox add-ons.

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Minimize the Software Installation Burden by Automating

InstallPadAutomate you software installation by making software list and let the InstallPad do the work for you.

InstallPad is an easy and smart program. It is a little like apt for Windows. You just make a list of your favorite programs with InstallPad or straight in xml format and InstallPad will download and install silently the ones you choose. Yoy’ll get time for more important things.

InstallPad can resume cancelled downloads and can try to find the latest version of the programs. It is still in an early stage, but it is very promising and there are coming features.

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Minimal How to Order Windows Taskbar Buttons

Windows Taskbar ButtonKeeping Windows taskbar buttons always in a same order helps to minimize the effort needed to find the right button.

Lifehacker mentioned Windows program Taskbar Shuffle. I Downloaded and installed it and it’s great. It is easy to use and it it feels a natural way to order buttons just by dragging them.

I have been using TaskArrange for ages and it is also working quit well. Nice thing about it is that you can even order the buttons inside groups. You have to open the program in order to arrange buttons so if you place the program shortcut in the Windows quick launch area it is near the taskbar buttons and rather handy to use. On the other hand, there is no need for running background process. Taskbar Shuffle process seems to have about 6 MB memory usage.

I think Taskbar button ordering should be an option in Windows, but these programs fill the gap. Well, nice feature would be an option to save the preferred order. Are there any?

There is also a japanese Taskbar++.

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Boot Up Windows Before You Even Log In

Windows XP LoginWith this tip you can make Windows boot up to feel a little faster.

If you wait couple minutes after turning your computer on to log in Windows and after log in you wait still some more minutes before Windows is ready to go, this tip is for you and it will save you minutes every day. After booting up to login screen Windows will login automatically and lock the desktop right after that.

So, you boot up your computer and next you unlock the desktop and can start surfing the web right away. Note that for security reasons, which are saving password as plaintext into Windows registry and desktop being unlock for a little moment during the booting up, this really probably suitable only for home computer with singel user.

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SlimTimer Makes Time Tracking Easy

SlimTimerSlimTimer makes time tracking an easy task. It is a free web based service and it has an public API.

SlimTimer is a web based time tracking service. It’s simple, free and makes time tracking easy. SlimTimer works like a stop watch on the web. According to builder Richard White, SlimTimer is about:

  • Making time tracking easier by eliminating timesheets in favor of using a web based timer.
  • Time tracking on an individual basis. You can set who your coworkers and stakeholders are on each specific task.
  • Getting rid of rigid client > project > task hierarchies in lieu of using tagging to create a workflow that works best for you.
  • Creating transparency between the people working on a project and those paying for it. Your clients can view time worked on their project in real time, avoiding any surprises when the invoice arrives.

SlimTimer keeps it’s promise being easy. Create yourself a free account and you’ll be tracking time in a minute.

SlimTimer API

On sunday the SlimTimer public API was released. It’s REST-based and fluent in XML, YAML and JSON. The Public API allows secure access to SlimTimer user data for syncing with external applications.

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