SlimTimer Makes Time Tracking Easy

SlimTimerSlimTimer makes time tracking an easy task. It is a free web based service and it has an public API.

SlimTimer is a web based time tracking service. It’s simple, free and makes time tracking easy. SlimTimer works like a stop watch on the web. According to builder Richard White, SlimTimer is about:

  • Making time tracking easier by eliminating timesheets in favor of using a web based timer.
  • Time tracking on an individual basis. You can set who your coworkers and stakeholders are on each specific task.
  • Getting rid of rigid client > project > task hierarchies in lieu of using tagging to create a workflow that works best for you.
  • Creating transparency between the people working on a project and those paying for it. Your clients can view time worked on their project in real time, avoiding any surprises when the invoice arrives.

SlimTimer keeps it’s promise being easy. Create yourself a free account and you’ll be tracking time in a minute.

SlimTimer API

On sunday the SlimTimer public API was released. It’s REST-based and fluent in XML, YAML and JSON. The Public API allows secure access to SlimTimer user data for syncing with external applications.

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  2. I have one more option i.e ProofHub which is the best and the most effictive time tracking tool. It also comes with features like gantt chart, inbuilt chat, timesheet etc. Give a try as well.

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