Minimal How to Order Windows Taskbar Buttons

Windows Taskbar ButtonKeeping Windows taskbar buttons always in a same order helps to minimize the effort needed to find the right button.

Lifehacker mentioned Windows program Taskbar Shuffle. I Downloaded and installed it and it’s great. It is easy to use and it it feels a natural way to order buttons just by dragging them.

I have been using TaskArrange for ages and it is also working quit well. Nice thing about it is that you can even order the buttons inside groups. You have to open the program in order to arrange buttons so if you place the program shortcut in the Windows quick launch area it is near the taskbar buttons and rather handy to use. On the other hand, there is no need for running background process. Taskbar Shuffle process seems to have about 6 MB memory usage.

I think Taskbar button ordering should be an option in Windows, but these programs fill the gap. Well, nice feature would be an option to save the preferred order. Are there any?

There is also a japanese Taskbar++.

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  1. Hi,

    Taskbar Manager from Askarya ( ) gives an option to save the order of taskbar buttons. You can save as many orders as you want and reload them whenever required. The last loaded order will be always maintained. So if if the order changes for some reason, Taskbar Manager will reorder it again.

    Take a look at

    It also does other things that above softwares do like drag ang drop of the buttons, hiding windows etc. Worth giving a try.

    Good day.

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