From Windows XP And Vista to Mac OS X

Mac OS XAfter using Microsoft Windows XP for a long time and trying Windows Vista for a while, I realized it’s time to move on… Move on to Apple Mac OS X. There are couple reasons to get away from Windows:

  • Windows XP was taking way too much time to administer it
  • after a clean install Windows XP was working like a charm for a while, but after installing some applications it was getting slower and slower…
  • Windows Vista was too slow in my old PC, I would have needed some new hardware
  • Visual appearance in Windows Vista is in my opinion terrible, sure there are something glamorus in Aero, but the combination of green and blue everywhere…

So, what were and are overall goals for the switch?

  • To minimize the needed hardware and software to do all the required tasks
  • To minimize needed administration time, both hardware and software
  • To have a visually appealing environment, both hardware and software

I admit I didn’t know that much about Mac OS X, but it was looking promising. It’s based on Unix, it’s visual appearance is clean, administration should be easy… And now after couple of weeks, I must say things are looking good. At the moment I’m exploring ways to migrate from Windows applications Mac applications. I’ll get into details later on…

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